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Teaching Science in Year 4

science 80A consultant with significant inspection experience talks about assessing and tracking science achievements

This half day course is an opportunity to hear from established Science Adviser in two local authorities.  She has extensive experience as a school improvement partner and as an OFSTED inspector in the primary phase.  Mary Le Breuilly is the author of Engaging Science, a scheme of work developed with teachers in Solihull where she worked as an advisor.   This course will provide a valuable insight in assessing science achievements in primary schools. 

Why you should take this course:

The revised National Curriculum has provided an opportunity to look again at the science curriculum and design an approach to science that enthuses and engages pupils whilst still maintaining a focus in rigour and progress.  This course will support science leaders and Year 4 teachers wishing to provide a more hands-on approach in the classroom as well as those still getting to grips with curriculum requirements and subject knowledge.

The course is applicable to all science schemes but is based on the principles of the Engaging Science scheme of work.   There will be an emphasis on practical approaches to science and a strong emphasis on supporting literacy through science.

Course Aims:

  • to explore the National Curriculum requirements for teaching science in Year 4, including the Working Scientifically strand
  • to clarify the key ideas and subject knowledge involved in teaching science to Year 4 pupils
  • to sample some activities from Year 4 Science: Classification, Digestion, Electricity, Sound and States of Matter with a focus on practical science and improving engagement in science

Course outcome:

  • gain awareness of the various techniques available for self-evaluation or assessments
  • gaining practical experience of working towards the National Curriculum units:

Classification, Digestion, Electricity, Sound and States of Matter

Target Audience:

The course is aimed at primary science leaders, Key Stage 2 leaders and Year 4 class teachers

Course duration:

This is a half day training course

How to register:

  • Online - visit the training page on
  • Email -
  • Fax - complete the attached booking form and return on 0121 303 3552
  • Telephone - contact 0121 303 8001 or 0121 303 5100