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Office 365 and Microsoft Excel 2016 - Intermediate

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Office 365 and Microsoft Excel 2016 - Intermediate


This full day course is designed for staff looking to improve their Office 365 knowledge.  As a delegate, you will learn how to create professional workbooks/worksheets/charts/tables and how to import/export from Office 365 to other Office applications. This course will provide valuable hands on experience by an experienced trainer.  Delegates will have the opportunity to ask questions to ensure you understand the course content and to allow retention.  


Course Aims and Objectives:

Delegates will learn how to:

  • Apply conditional formatting
  • To use data tables
  • To use advanced charting, formulas and functions
  • Database formulas and functions
  • Detailed functions
  • To work with Graphics
  • Importing and Exporting documents
  • Colour code data based on its value
  • Filter and sort data in tables
  • Create decision-making functions
  • Make use of date and time functions
  • Make use of financial functions
  • Make use of statistical functions
  • Make use of text based functions
  • Work with data across multiple workbooks and worksheets
  • Share workbooks for collaborative working
  • Import and Export data

Course Outcomes:

At the end of the session delegates will be able to:

  • Use advance formulas, functions and charting techniques
  • Produced professional charts and/or tables
  • And much more

Target Audience:

The course is aimed at office staff, Bursars, Business Managers, Data Managers and any other staff using Excel in their role.


Course Duration:

This is a full day training course.

How to register:

Online - visit the training page on

Email -

Telephone - contact 0121 303 8001 



£150 per person (subscriber rate) OR £180 per person (non-subscriber rate)


Course Details:

Conditional Formatting
Introduction to Conditional Formatting
Highlighting Specific Values
Data Bars
Colour Scales
Icon Sets
Fine-Tuning Conditional Formatting
Using Multiple Rules

Organizing Data Using Tables
Create Tables
Modify Tables
Format Tables

Sorting and Filtering
Sorting Data
Multilevel Sorting
Filtering a List with Autofilter
Filtering a List with Advanced Filter

Working With Tables
Highlighting Duplicates
Combining Data from Multiple Tables
Auto Outline
Automatic Subtotalling

Advanced Charting
Exploding Slices in a Pie
Grouping Slices in a Pie
Creating Combination Charts

Working with Graphics
Inserting Pictures
Inserting ClipArt
Creating AutoShapes
Formatting Graphic Objects

Advanced Formulas and Functions
Inserting Functions
Formula Building Recommendations
Naming Cells and Ranges
Logical Statements
Conditional Formulas (AND, OR, NOT)
IF Functions
Nested IF Functions
Combining IF with AND, OR, and NOT
IS Functions
Using IS with IF to Change Error Messages

Database Formulas and Functions
The LOOKUP Function
Array Lookup
Vector Lookup
The VLOOKUP Function
The HLOOKUP Function

Detailed Functions
Date and Time Calculations
Text and Data Functions
Mathematical Functions
Statistical functions

Importing and Exporting
Exporting Data from Excel
Importing Data from Other Applications
CSV files