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MS Word 2010 Intermediate

Learn how toms square 80

  • Use tables to format information
  • Use section breaks to format different sections of a document
  • Format text in columns
  • Perform Mail merge with a document with data to make variations of one document
  • Create, modify, and use styles to affect the appearance of text
  • Create and use templates
  • Manage document changes
  • Insert graphics into a document


Introduction to Tables 
Creating a Table 
Editing Tables 
Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns 
Merging and Splitting Cells 
Table Borders and Shading 
Table Calculations


Creating Sections 
Managing Sections 
Formatting Newspaper Columns

Managing Styles 

Displaying Styles 
Editing Existing Styles 
Creating Custom styles 
Deleting Styles 
Managing Style Sets

Using Quick Parts 

Create Building Blocks 
Insert Building Blocks 
Modify Building Blocks 
Insert Fields Using Quick Parts

Using Outline View 

Applying Outline Levels 
Show and Hide Outline Levels 
Change the Order of Text Using Outlines

Introduction to Templates 

Introduction to Templates 
The Normal Template 
Using Templates

Using Graphic Effects 

Adding a Drop Cap 
Inserting a Text Box 
Inserting and Editing WordArt 
Inserting Pictures 
Inserting ClipArt 
Inserting SmartArt 
Adding a watermark

Using Charts

Inserting a Chart or Graph 
Changing Chart Data 
Change the Chart Type


Running the Mail Merge Wizard 
Creating a Mail Merge Document 
Merging to E-mail 
Editing and Sorting the Recipient List