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SIMS Standard Reporting

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SIMS Standard Reporting



Has a new person been appointed in the school office? 

This one day course introduces the user to the report designing process in SIMS with the objective to extract useful information from the Pupil/Student database in a variety of formats. It covers a number of elements including, running predefined reports, modifying and creating reports to produce lists.

Course outcomes – upon completing this course you will be able to:

Produce lists of information

Produce mail merged address labels and letters

Use preview effectively 

Use filtering and sorting effectively 

Use sub-reports effectively 

Re-use and modify reports 

Choose an appropriate output format


Delegates must be familiar with the day to day use of SIMS, the range of data which is stored within the database, how that data is entered and maintained and can navigate their way around the menus.

This course is intended for: 

Administrative staff 

Existing SIMS users with new responsibilities


Cost: Free or £220 (per person for non-subscribing schools)