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SIMS FMS User Defined Reports - Spring 2020

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SIMS FMS User Defined Reports



Key Stage All



There are numerous system reports in FMS, but there is also the option to create User Defined Reports for Cost Centres and/or Ledger Codes. These reports can be used for the purposes of reporting to governors and senior managers in schools and the DfE/ESFA for academies.

It is preferable that you have an understanding of FMS and the reports required for governors meetings and budget monitoring in the school or academy.



This course will provide you with the ability to set up and maintain User Defined Reports in FMS.



By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Create a User Defined Report
  • Clone a User Defined Report
  • Edit a User Defined Report
  • Check a User Defined Report
  • Print a User Defined Report
  • Export a User Defined Report
  • Understand access to User Defined Reports



This course is suitable for Business Managers, Bursars and Finance Officers.



£149 Subscribers or £179 Non-Subscribers

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