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Smoothwall Monitor 2019

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Smoothwall Monitor




Futures Cloud is upgrading to Smoothwall Monitor - the latest in cloud technology to ensure that school leaders can identify potentially concerns or incidents and will reduce the chance of any potential risks being missed.


Are you using Smoothwall Monitor effectively to safeguard your staff and pupils?


Outline of the session:

This half day course will examine some of the issues that pupils can be exposed to and delegates will be trained to use Smoothwall Monitor effectively.  This improved software will help schools identify cyberbullying, grooming, radicalisation, sexual threats, inappropriate or harmful behaviour, neglect or domestic violence threats.  Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss best practices.  Schools can work on their system to review and update their settings during the session.


Course Aims:

This session will support Heads and Senior Leaders to meet the requirements of keeping children safe in education and will provide an understanding of:

  • The role of Smoothwall Monitor in supporting Safeguarding and Behaviour practices
  • The new Smoothwall Monitor interface
  • Monitoring Setup/ Setting up Smoothwall Monitor for Monitoring
  • The evidence expected by Ofsted
  • Managing capture levels and alerts
  • Home and Activity summary screens
  • Logs and Reports
  • Using Smoothwall Monitor effectively


Course outcome:

At the end of the session delegates will:

  • Understand how Smoothwall Monitor can support safeguarding requirements
  • Be able to configure Smoothwall Monitor appropriately for your school
  • Be trained to set up automated reports
  • Work more efficiently by minimising the time required to monitor logs and reports

This course is intended for:

  • Head Teachers, Senior Management Team, Safeguarding Co-ordinators, Child Protection and Behaviour Leads

Course duration:

This is a half day training session (consultancies also available).

How to register: