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Online Safety in your Curriculum (Secondary) 2020

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Online Safety in your Curriculum (Secondary)





Supporting online safety education with Sex, Relationship & Health Education and Secondary Computing Curricula.

Do you understand the upcoming 2020 statutory requirements of the Relationship & Health Education Curriculum and how to deliver the online safety elements contained within it? What gaps exist within your provision for the online safety strand of the Secondary Computing Curriculum and these new expectations?


Course Description:

This course is aimed at secondary computing and sex, relationship and health education leads. It provides common approaches to delivering a progressive online safety curriculum. You will be equip to help children and young people with the skills and competencies to manage a life online. The course will enable you to identify and mitigate risks, avoid harm and take advantage of the positive aspects of the online world that has become the 21st Century Playground.

Course Aims:

This course aims to:

  • Provide an understanding of the online safety requirements for the Key Stage Three Computing and Sex, Relationships and Health Education Curricula
  • Provide a range of resources to support each of these areas
  • Implement a Framework for developing a scheme of work for the school
  • Support the “Ways to Well Being Award for Online Safety”


  • An awareness of the coverage and provision of online safety in your school.

This course is intended for:

  • Sex, Relationships & Health Education Leads
  • Computing Co-ordinators and Teachers
  • Online Safety Co-ordinators
  • Senior Management Team
  • Head Teachers


Course duration:

This is a half day training session.

How to register:

  • Online - visit the training page on
  • Email -
  • Fax - complete booking form and return on 0121 303 3552
  • Telephone - contact 0121 303 8001 or 0121 303 5100


Cost:  £99.00 per person (£149 for non-subscribing schools)