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Using the iPad for Creative Learning

ipad creative square 80This half day course is a practical session (no previous experience needed) and will look at combining iMovie and GarageBand to support creativity in the primary classroom. 

We will provide iPad minis with the apps installed for this course.


Making Movies with iMovie

Using the iPad app the course will explore how to combine the built-in camera functionality along with movie footage supplied by the class teacher to create an iMovie. You will utilise tools such as: Google Drive, Office 365, J2Launch and Vimeo to demonstrate workflow.

Making music on GarageBand to use with your iMovie

This section of the course will cover how the non-music specialist can deliver a 4 week unit of work using GarageBand on the iPad. We will also create a piece of music to use in our iMovie project - no musical talents required!

Course Aims & Objectives

  • To learn how to use iMovie and GarageBand and to feel confident to integrate their use into the primary curriculum
  • To have a better understanding of workflow and to consider which would be best for your school
  • To share experiences of how the apps have been used in schools 

Course outcome

  • A better understanding of the possible uses of iMovie and GarageBand across the primary curriculum
  • A better understanding of potential workflow issues
  • Inspiration and enthusiasm for using iMovie and GarageBand.

While no experience is required, basic familiarity of using the iPad is preferred.

This course is intended for

  • ICT Leaders
  • Primary teachers