BGfL 365 (now known as Entrust Collaborate) – meeting the needs of the national curriculum through personalised teaching and learning

BGfL 365 is much more than a replacement for your email system and represents a managed service that significantly enhances the Office 365 experience. Through collaboration with award-winning partners, BGfL 365 provides a portal for both teachers and learners to curate, create and share resources with colleagues and pupils, enabling your school to meet and exceed many aspects of the national curriculum.

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BGfL 365 Management Portal

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Primary School launch pad

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just2easy Tools

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BGfL 365 SharePoint


bgfl365 watch videosWith so much added value, here are just some of the great features of BGfL 365:

  • Office Online – create and edit Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Excel documents from a browser
  • Email and Calendars - use business-class email through a rich and familiar Outlook experience you can access from your desktop or from a web browser
  • Supports the national curriculum – through our partnership with J2E, you will have access to an award winning suite of online resources, specifically designed to engage, motivate and inspire pupils to meet and exceed many elements of the National Curriculum. All of the activities and resources are easily available through BGfL 365 Launch
  • Anywhere anytime learning - Working collaboratively through your own sharepoint site, pupils and teachers can accomplish much more with simple file sharing, real-time co-authoring, online classes and conferencing, all accessible, anywhere anytime
  • Gives teachers file control – OneDrive gives each user personal cloud storage, accessible from anywhere. Easily share documents with others in your school and control who can see and edit each file. In partnership with BFC Networks, our OneDrive configurator means teachers are in control of their own, and their pupils’ files
  • Simple transition and integration - Working with industry leaders, Groupcall, we have made the transition to BGfL 365 a simple process. BGfL 365 seamlessly integrates your MIS data to create accounts automatically, saving you valuable administration time
  • Single sign-on saves time – and enables teachers and pupils to easily access the full range of tools and resources within the BGfL 365 environment
  • Industry standard email filtering and backup – our McAfee filtering service works seamlessly with BGfL 365 to keep your emails safe through advanced spam and malware security

The BGfL 365 ToolSuite includes a range of cross curriculum tools including a secure online file store, desktop publishing, stop frame animation, voting, esafe blogging and a website and file distribution system, available to everyone at home and at school.

BGfL 365 Launch gives you control over the resources you use. Simply add the resource tiles you want to the Launch area, giving you instant access to the tools you need. Tiles can also be organised into folders and easily shared with your school, class or group.


Through our partnership with J2E, you will have access to an award winning suite of online resources, specifically designed to engage, motivate and inspire pupils, including:

  • JIT - the complete infant toolkit, encouraging creativity in lessons including Write, Turtle, Chart, Pictogram and more
  • J2Webby - web publishing, made safe and easy, giving writers audience and purpose
  • j2bloggy - the writing revolution for your school, easily create class or project blogs to encourage collaboration
  • j2code - covering all coding areas of the curriculum, learn and create custom programs - lesson plans included
  • j2spotlight - allow your pupils to become movie producers, edit film at school and at home including stop frame animation
  • j2vote - create simple surveys, designed to appeal to children, giving teachers a clear indication of the class’s understanding and identify areas or subjects in which children need help
  • j2measure - a comprehensive set of measuring tools enabling pupils to calculate the length, angle, and area of any object, created to encourage independent and collaborative learning
  • j2review - assessment made easy, enables learning conversations and assessment across your school, works with any assessment framework
  •  digital eportfolio - assemble and manage your evidence to create online portfolios


“I felt very well supported by the Link2ICT team. The transition was seamless, with everything happening as we were told it would. I found BGfL 365 very easy to use and navigate. I also use the app on iPhone and iPad, which is very good. This is a HUGE improvement over Zimbra and I would definitely recommend BGfL 365!” 

ICT Coordinator


Find out how BGfL 365 has been making a difference to teaching and learning at Our Lady's Catholic Primary School.