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Technician service

technician 80Stechford Primary School rely on their Link2ICT technician to provide continued ICT support.

The challenge

Stechford Primary is a busy school with a growing population where the focus is on providing the very best learning experiences for the pupils. With the increased importance of ICT as a tool to support the curriculum, the school needs to ensure they can rely on the technology to be an “invisible” component within the school - working seamlessly and efficiently in the classroom and around the rest of the school.

The school had previously used other freelance technician services but were not happy with the quality of the support provided, nor were they able to access all the systems required. The school needed to rely on someone who could anticipate issues, work pro-actively to support the school community and ensure a reliable, high quality standard of support.

The consultation

Our technician worked closely with staff to understand Stechford Primary’s needs and worked out a plan of action and timescales accordingly. As ICT never stands still, consultation is ongoing and Link2ICT can tailor an individual schedule to suit the school’s requirements and ensure the best support, advice and guidance is provided, at the best price.

The solution

For the past five years, the school has been using the Link2ICT Technician Service for two mornings a week. These visits have been made by the same technician, and so over this period of time, a relationship of mutual trust and respect has developed, where Roger Rathbone (Headteacher) and his staff are confident in the technology they use, but should an issue arise, they know they can rely on their Link2ICT Technician to ascertain all the facts, consider all associated aspects or implications, and choose the most appropriate, cost-effective solution - saving the school time and money. Stechford Primary knows the work will be carried out to ensure the best possible outcome.

The benefits

Our professional Technician Service provides your school with specialist support for as little or as much as you need.

  • Fully trained, dedicated and knowledgeable technicians
  • Highest quality on-site service
  • Skilled, experienced support
  • Working closely with key personnel
  • Developing an understanding of the school and people to build a trusting, reliable relationship
  • Providing ongoing advice and guidance
  • Delivering informed solutions for unique school requirements
  • Identify potential issues to avoid future disruption to lesson times
  • Ensures you and your staff spend more time teaching rather than trying to fix technical problems
  • Link2ICT Technicians are supported by whole organisation experience and expertise in the education sector
  • Seamless provision alongside other Link2ICT services and products

“Our Link2ICT Technician is reliable and here when needed. The service we receive is based on an understanding of our particular school needs, so we know we are getting the best advice and solutions.”

Roger Rathbone - Headteacher

The success

Staff at the school know that if a problem occurs, it will be resolved by their Link2ICT Technician quickly and without fuss. It is this reliable service that ensures the smooth running of the school on a day-to-day basis allowing staff to teach and pupils to get the most out of their learning.


The school is immensely pleased with the Technician Service offering guaranteed peace-of-mind solutions to ongoing technical issues at a cost that provides real value for money and would recommend the service to other schools. With the expertise on hand to deal with the technology across the school, staff are able to focus on teaching and learning, delivering the very best curriculum experience for their pupils.



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