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What is MyConcern?

MyConcern® is a simple to use, safe and secure software for recording and managing all safeguarding concerns. The system enables all staff to record any safeguarding concern, safe in the knowledge that a proper record has been made and that their safeguarding lead has been automatically notified. It also equips the designated safeguarding lead to assess each concern and manage any ongoing action that needs to be taken. 

MyConcern® was designed with the support of teaching professionals and meets (and often exceeds) all DfE statutory guidance and school inspection standards. It is constantly updated to reflect national good practice in schools and ’lessons learned’, including Serious Case Reviews. 

“MyConcern is very easy to use and the chronology
really helps me to understand the big picture.”

Key features  find out sticker mustard

  • Simple and easy for staff to record and manage any safeguarding or wellbeing concern
  • Accessible securely from any web-enabled device
  • Automatically notifies the Designated Safeguarding Lead/Person (DSL/DSP) of any new concerns
  • Equips the DSL/DSP to closely monitor and manage all concerns
  • Automatically builds a chronology for all concerns
  • Enables the recording of decisions and the allocation of staff actions
  • Allows the creation of a ‘Team Around the Child’, including secure information sharing and joint working with trusted external partners
  • Online messaging between team members within the software
  • Links to your local Management Information System 

“MyConcern is a superb tool for managing safeguarding
concerns in school and, like all brilliant things, it is so easy to use.”

  • MyConcern® is a pupil-centred solution, designed with teaching professionals
  • Simple to use, saves time and encourages reporting
  • Intuitive and easy to navigate – little or no training required
  • Gives staff the confidence that their concerns have been fully recorded
  • Helps to identify emerging risks and trends
  • Minimises the need for paper records
  • Ensures compliance with all current legislation, standards and guidance
  • Allows a school to meet all of its safeguarding obligations
  • Provides clear and auditable evidence for Ofsted and Estyn inspections

Information Security

  •  A priority for us and all of our users
  •  School controlled role-based access
  • Secure data transmission
  •  Data storage in secure UK data centre

To download the MyConcern brochure, please click here.


Key Strengths

After a successful pilot and product evaluation, Link2ICT has selected MyConcern as its preferred, supported, safeguarding solution for Birmingham Schools. In support of this recommendation, outlined below are MyConcern’s key strengths.


Simple, safe, secure but accessible
MyConcern® is a simple to use, safe and secure system for recording and managing all safeguarding concerns in any educational setting.
MyConcern enables school staff (‘Trusted Users’) to simply and easily record any safeguarding concern. Whenever a concern is recorded, MyConcern automatically commences a detailed chronology for that concern.
Trusted Users are always able to see the concerns they have created, so they can be safe in the knowledge that a proper record has been made - They will only ever see the information they themselves have recorded unless allowed extended access by the DSL.
DSLs use the ‘Updates’ function within MyConcern to record file notes, action taken, risk assessments and decisions.


Designed in conjunction with teaching and safe guarding professionals
MyConcern is an Enterprise-Level system that is continually developed in collaboration with customers and safeguarding professionals to ensure it delivers what practitioners need.
DSLs can also add ‘Flags’ to the Active Profiles of individual pupils. Flags are used to record issues that are specific to each pupil and to cohorts of pupils. Flags can be used to note that action has been taken under the ‘Right Service, Right Time’ framework as well as recording that a pupil is ‘Looked After’, in receipt of Pupil premium, has a Medical condition, etc.
MyConcern also equips DSLs to create tasks for themselves or other members of staff in relation to a particular concern or pupil profile.


“Team Around the Child”
DSLs can create a ‘Team Around the Child’ within MyConcern, either in an individual concern or within a pupil’s Active Profile. It is national best practice for school staff who have reported concerns, to be kept updated on the status of their concern; including staff as team members within a concern, is an excellent way of achieving this.


Agency Collaboration
MyConcern also enables the DSL to facilitate joint working and information sharing with trusted external partners (e.g. local authority staff, peripatetic services et al) by adding them as team members to a specific concern or a pupil profile.
The software enables users to upload files to concerns or pupil profiles in the form of documents or other media, which are linked to the relevant record (e.g. screenshots, minutes of multi-agency meetings, referral forms). This reduces to an absolute minimum the need for paper records; any paper records that are required, can be scanned and uploaded into MyConcern.


Record “Lessons Learned”
DSLs are also able to create a record of ‘Lessons Learned’ from the cases they are managing. These are collated within a table in the Resources’ area of MyConcern. This provides a comprehensive record of how schools are learning from their professional practice and enables that learning to be implemented. This is of significant value to schools, Governing Bodies and to Ofsted.


Library of local safeguarding policies – “Right Service, Right Time”
In addition to these centrally provided resources, schools are also able to maintain an on-board library of their local safeguarding policies (e.g. including LSCB guidance, etc.). For example, in the instances of MyConcern that are deployed in Birmingham, all of the ‘Right Service, Right Time’ documents and the CAF/MARF forms and templates can be pre-loaded. All of these resources are available to all users 24/7.
Each school allocates and controls role-based access for internal and external Trusted Users and DSLs for its own instance of MyConcern.


Product and Data Security
In recognition of the security standards MyConcern has achieved, it has attained certification under the Government’s Cyber Essentials Scheme.
The company has also completed the DfE Cloud Services accreditation for the delivery of cloud-based solutions to schools and is named in that document on the DfE website.
Any school wishing to cease its subscription to MyConcern would have its information returned to them in CSV format (any uploaded files would be in their original format). This is in accordance with requirements of the DfE Cloud Services framework.
All data recorded by schools using MyConcern are transmitted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology - 2,048 bit SSL encrypts all data between end users and the server.
In accordance with DfE guidance, the safeguarding records held in MyConcern are hosted in enterprise-level, secure & resilient data centres within the EEA (i.e. Microsoft Azure, which is DfE Approved). Each school’s database is fully encrypted and no data is held in human readable form.