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George Dixon Primary School – Link2ICT Project Manages new build and move to new building 

The challenge

George Dixon Primary School was moving from their old Victorian premises to a new, state-of-the-art building, where the aim was to integrate ICT into the learning experience at every age, from reception to Year 6.

The ongoing process involved many parties and the school's Account Manager from Link2ICT was required to work closely with the architects and builders. This was a very complex project as the school had very specific educational requirements where the focus of the building was the children and their learning, combined with making the most of the latest technology.


George Dixon Primary was keen to integrate a seamless solution to all their ICT needs. With the project being so multi-faceted, it was important that each element was implemented within the overall building plan. Their Link2ICT Account Manager attended all of the planning meetings, to ensure all available information was gained to provide the optimum service and technologies. 

The Account Manager worked closely with Maria Carter (Headteacher), Ashwinder Silvers (Deputy Headteacher) and all other agencies to deliver a first class solution on time and on budget. The school’s vision for ICT was for pupils and staff to have access to the technology they want, for it to be part of everyday school life and integrated into the learning experience, rather than as a “scheduled” treat. The IT infrastructure also needed to be upgraded to ensure it met the demands of the increased number and usage of devices. 

The solution

With the new school environment opening up so many more possibilities for enriching the learning experience, George Dixon Primary School was keen to replicate this through its ICT. Every member of staff was given an iPad and a range of devices were deployed throughout the school so that the children could take advantage of the technologies wherever they were. 

An award-winning wireless solution was implemented to provide stable, reliable performance beyond the classroom walls up to 200 yards from the school building. Whiteboards and projectors were installed in every classroom, and are used extensively on a daily basis across the curriculum. Laptops are used by pupil groups involved in research and other projects, and teachers all have access to their own laptop.

Mobile Devices such as the iPad are stored centrally and charged daily for use around the school. Pupils have access to a range of hardware and so gain experience of using different technologies. The school took advantage of iPad training from Link2ICT to not only have the device in schools but to get the most out of using the devices and implementing their use into everyday teaching and learning.

Benefits to the school

Link2ICT’s expertise in delivering reliable, economical, large scale projects ensures a first class solution to meet all the school’s requirements.

  •  A complete peace of mind, project management service
  •  Proven technical expertise and trusted experience in working with schools
  •  Delivering bespoke, cost-effective solutions to budget and on time
  •  Bulk buying discounts on latest kit and technologies from the best brands
  •  Dedicated Account Manager to manage every detail of the ICT project
  •  Staff training to ensure confident use of equipment and applications

Support from Link2ICT

The Link2ICT Account Manager ensured everything the school wanted to achieve was delivered, installed where appropriate and worked. The school also took advantage of the safeguarding courses provided by Link2ICT to ensure compliance and best practice throughout the school, especially as online resources, information and websites are widely used across a variety of devices.

“We are passionate about extending learning beyond the classroom, with our truly 21st Century school and the technologies provided by Link2ICT. We are looking forward to the future as there are so many possibilities for our pupils and how we make that happen.”

Ashwinder Silvers - Head Teacher


George Dixon Primary is extremely happy and proud of their impressive, new environment and how ICT invisibly supports the day to day learning, both in the classroom and beyond. Link2ICT’s experience in the education sector means we can manage every step of the process, evaluating a school’s complex and unique requirements.