Clicker 7

clicker7 80What is Clicker 7?        

Clicker is a literacy tool that supports children of all ages and abilities in a creative and engaging way. It consists of a primary talking word processor, an integrated word processor, an integrated word predictor, built-in painting tools and Clicker Sets which are half screen grids or full screen page activities. 

Course Aims

This one day course will introduce you to the features of Clicker 7 for you to create resources for use with your pupils back in school. The day will combine demonstration and hands on sessions including:


  • Clicker 7 reading and writing support tool, used with all ages and abilities right across the curriculum
  • More pupil independence and less teacher time

How to use Clicker Grids

  • Grids work with the document for writing activities
  • Example Clicker Sets


  • Clicker pages activities offer full screen activities

Changing and saving user preferences

  • Saving settings to personalise Clicker for individuals and groups

Course outcome

  • The afternoon session will be used to create grids for you to use in school. It will be advantageous if you are prepared by having an outline of topics or areas to be covered in your school.
  • Learn how to personalise grids for children to use.
  • Access free resources from learning grids to use in your classroom.

This course is intended for

  • Any teaching or support staff who support pupil’s learning
  • Anyone interested in finding out how Clicker 7 is different to previous Clicker software.
  • Those who are new to Clicker as well as those who have used previous versions of Clicker before.