Delegated Web Administration

Taking Control of your School's Online Activity - At Link2ICT, we put safeguarding at the heart of everything we do - providing a safe, secure, fully-managed Internet service for schools.

The new Link2ICT Delegated Web Administration Service (WebDA) puts your school in control of what your pupils and staff can and cannot access, giving you direct responsibility over your own filtering policies and allowing you to make changes, as you need them, to meet your unique teaching and learning needs*.

Our WebDA service is built on the same industry-leading McAfee Web Gateway technology as the standard Link2ICT web filtering service, and provides a dedicated solution to your individual school or school collective (such as an Academy Trust or school partnership).

In addition to providing much greater flexibility over your filtering policy, our WebDA service also provides:find out sticker pink

  • Group-based filtering, allowing differentiated access levels for staff and students, Key Stages, Year Groups, etc.
  • Additional security and filtering for encrypted traffic to help prevent malware attacks by using HTTPS inspection (aka SSL Scanning)
  • Selective blocking of many popular web services, e.g. allow ‘read-only’ access to sites such as Facebook or Twitter, but prevent posting updates
  • Customisable feedback pages to reflect a school’s colours, logo and branding
  • User logging and reporting using McAfee Web Reporter

Here’s what schools have to say about the Link2ICT WebDA Service:

“The system has allowed us to apply different levels of filtering to staff and students and it gives us a lot more control over what we can block. For example, we had previously completely blocked access to YouTube for students; however the new system has application controls that enable us to filter certain YouTube categories, such as music and entertainment, while still giving access to educational videos. This has been well received by staff, and feedback from pupils has been really positive. As an Administrator, I am really pleased with the flexibility of the system and the amount of control it gives us.” 

 A Kilcullen, ICT Technical Manager, Handsworth Grammar School


“So far I have been pleased with the performance and features shown by the new WebDA Service. The more intelligent specific application options will become essential to improving safe access to sites such as YouTube. New authentication features will enable us to personalise connectivity levels at group and user levels, and improve the school’s ability to audit use of the internet. I can see how the implementation of this service relates to the school’s safeguarding and audit responsibilities.”                                     

P Shaw, Strategic ICT Manager, Hodge Hills Girls School


*A top-level Link2ICT-controlled policy is applied to protect users from accidental exposure to recognised high risk and highly inappropriate content