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Horizons - Maintaining Wellbeing in a Digital World. Session 3 - 2020

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Horizons - Maintaining Wellbeing in a Digital World.

Session 3 - Mental Health and Special Educational needs.




Schools are under a duty to use their ‘best endeavours’ to identify and support pupils with SEN meet their pupil’s special educational needs. Where a pupil has certain types of Special educational Need (SEN) there is an increased likelihood of mental health problems. 


Children with autism or learning difficulties, for example, are significantly more likely to have conditions such as anxiety. Other areas of difficulty include executive functioning skills – the mental processes enabling us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions and juggle multiple tasks successfully; forming trusting relationships; social skills; managing strong feelings e.g. shame, sadness, anxiety and anger; sensory processing difficulties and coping with transitions and change. 
The online world can be even more challenging for pupils with SEN. 

Understanding the link between mental health and behaviour; identifying factors that make some pupils more vulnerable than others and supporting work aimed at pupils with SEN will be covered from attending all three sessions from the Horizons – Maintaining Wellbeing in a Digital World package. 


This course will enable you to: 

  • Understand how the school identifies and meets pupils’ needs, provide advice and support to colleagues as needed and liaise with external SEN professionals as necessary.

Booking Information

Horizons – Maintaining Wellbeing in a Digital World is a package of three indivdual sessions taking place during the year: 

1. Coping with the pressures of an online life 
2. An ecological approach to mental health and behaviour 
3. SEN and associated risks with mental health 


This course is suitable for designated safeguard leads, PSHE leads, computing leads and those leading on mental health, inclusion and wellbeing in schools. 


Venue: Link2ICT, 5th Floor, Fort Dunlop, Fort Parkway, Erdington, Birmingham, B24 9FD

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