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Data Protection for Senior Leaders and Teaching Staff

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Data Protection for Senior Leaders and Teaching Staff




This course is essential for Senior Leaders with responsibility for Data Protection.  The course is designed to support school leadership teams understand the requirements of the GDPR.


Course Aims:

This course will enable you to:

  • Understand the changes that the new General Data Protection Regulations bring for your school
  • Gain practical advice and create an action plan to ensure GDPR compliance
  • Consider which school policies require updating as a result of GDPR
  • Deal with Access Requests and Data Breaches
  • Identify risks and make sure that appropriate mitigations are in place; ensure that reasonable measures have been taken to protect data.


This course is designed to help leaders understand basic GDPR compliance in a school setting and what the specific responsibilities are for school institutions. As a delegate you learn about the systems required to ensure compliance, and where levels of demarcation exist to ensure there are no conflicts of interest.


GDPR 2018 places responsibility for the protection of data upon all individuals. It is important that schools understand how they should be organised in order to ensure compliance with the Act, including the structures, systems, roles and methodologies that support this.

This course is a must for all key decision makers in school to find out about and discuss key changes the regulations impose on schools. The new GDPR requires schools and academies to make some changes to the way they collect, process and manage personal data. Schools will be signposted to resources and help to support compliance with the process of gathering personal information

Areas such as technology use and IT infrastructure in relation to processing and storing personal data will be explored along with staff day to day common practice. Raising awareness amongst staff, putting systems in place and refining current practices will form an essential part of preparing an establishment for the GDPR requirements.

Current Data Protection policies and practices will need to be reviewed and updated in order to be compliant with the GDPR. Accountability and governance is a big part of the changes and establishments will need to provide evidence on how they are complying with the GDPR.  None compliance of the GDPR could result in heavy financial penalties and reputational damage to the school.


By the end of the course leaders will understand the responsibilities for all personnel under the GDPR 2018. Privacy by design will be understood and how this applies to the school setting.  Delegates will gain an awareness of systems and structures for ensuring compliance, as well those actions that should be taken when compliance is found to be wanting or a data breach has occurred.


This course is intended for:

Heads, Senior Leaders and teaching staff

Course duration:

This is a whole day training session.


How to register:

Cost: £195.00 per person (£225 for non-subscribing schools)