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SIMS FMS Finance - Non Cheque Book to Full Cheque Book

sims square 80SIMS FMS Finance - Non Cheque Book to Full Cheque Book

Link2ICT are offering schools moving from Non Cheque Book to Full Cheque Book accounting, this valuable workshop and (hands on) training session.  

During the course of the day, we can help you ensure that your live system is configured correctly and you are aware of the Full Cheque Book functionality of SIMS FMS.

The one day training will consist of:

Half day workshop to configure your live system.  
(This will involve connecting to your live system via remote support to carry out the changes below that are required to operate as a Full Cheque Book school)

  • Setting up the FCB ledger codes
  • Setting up Bank details
  • Setting up Cheque book(s)
  • Setting up VAT Periods

Please note: You will need the IP address of the workstation you are going to connect to, and a member of staff will need to be available on site to accept you onto your schools system.

Half day training on Link2ICT training data covering the following:   

  • Funding
  • Printing Cheques and cancelling cheques
  • How to add FCB reimbursement
  • Dealing with Bank Reconciliation
  • Vat Returns
  • Salary Payments 

This course is intended for Bursars/Finance Officers


Cost: Free or £220 (per person for non-subscribing schools)