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SIMS Behaviour Management

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This chargeable half day consultancy provides an overview of the SIMS Behaviour Management area which a school can use to record, monitor and manage its pupils’ behaviour and achievements, including detentions and the use of report cards.  After completing this consultancy, delegates may find the Reporting and Behaviour consultancy will allow you to develop bespoke reports in this area, while the Standard Reporting and Extended Reporting courses will widen your general knowledge of reporting from SIMS. 


A familiarity with the pupil data held in SIMS would be helpful but it is more important delegates should have a good knowledge of the way behaviour and achievements are currently recorded, reported and analysed in the school.   

Consultancy outcomes – upon completing this session you will be able to: 


Set up and configure the Behaviour Management area 

Edit relevant look up tables to meet the needs and terminology used in an individual school 

Use the behaviour and achievement recording routines for both individual and groups of pupils

Set up and administer individual and scheduled detentions including letters to parents 

Create report cards to enable the monitoring of session/lesson behaviour 

Produce information on the data held in this area using the reports supplied in SIMS. 

This consultancy is intended for:

Staff with responsibility for pupil behaviour 

Staff with responsibility for achievement monitoring