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SIMS Office User

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SIMS Office User



Has a new member of staff joined your school office?

Using typical scenarios encountered on a regular basis, this one day course takes a new user through the main procedures for maintaining accurate and useful data within the School’s Information Management System.

The retrieval of accurate data can inform school improvement strategies and support a wide range of School Management activities including processing Statutory Returns.

Course outcomes – upon completing this course you will be able to:

Navigate SIMS

Look up student information

Make day to day adjustments to student details

Send a letter to a student’s home

Respond to information received about students and contacts

Process leavers

Process new arrivals


No previous knowledge of SIMS is required

This full day training course is intended for: 

New administrative staff 

New recruits 

Staff with new responsibilities


Cost: Free or £220 (per person for non-subscribing schools)