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Reporting in SIMS Advanced - Spring 2020

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 Reporting in SIMS - Advanced



Key Stage All



This course follows on from the Intermediate Reporting Course, using the knowledge you have already gained. We will explore the use of the reporting functionality to extract data and the use of Excel to analyse this data. We will explore some of the capabilities of Excel in data analysis and show how to automate this analysis. This course will demonstrate how to combine the reporting and the analysis into a repeatable automated process, enabling you to generate reports whenever necessary.


Would you like to use formulas within reports?

Would you like to run Excel reports every day, every week or every month?

Then macros might be the answer.

Are you frustrated by not being able to filter down into the exact data that is required?

Would you like to know how to report on the complexities of behaviour/achievement, assessment/exams, attendance or SEN?


This course allows you to interrogate the wealth of data held in SIMS within Excel.

The majority of the course will be using the features within Excel, therefore a knowledge of Excel would be advantageous.


By attending this course, delegates will return to school with the confidence to:

  • Extract information for analysis
  • Use formulas such as COUNTIF, COUNTA, SUMIF and IFERROR
  • Create and use macros
  • Use pivot tables to create graphs


This course will enable you to:

  • Have a greater understanding of how to use SIMS reports to its full potential within Excel
  • Use formulas to extract the data required from some of the SIMS modules, such as Attendance, Assessment, SEN and Behaviour
  • Manipulate data using pivot tables, which provides an interactive method of interrogating data
  • Set up macros for complex reports that are repeatedly run for the next week, month or year.


Data Managers working with complex SIMS Reports.This course will further develop the reporting techniques already covered in the preceding SIMS Standard and Intermediate Reporting courses. 


£195 Subscribers or £245 Non-Subscribers

Venue: Link2ICT, 5th Floor, Fort Dunlop, Fort Parkway, Erdington, Birmingham, B24 9FD

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