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Engaging parents in online safety

esafety square 80Are parents at your school aware of the scope of internet use and do they understand how to deal with the issues at home?

This half day session will help you deliver your own online safety session to parents.  We have designed training resources to support this session which has been developed with WMnet online safety group; and you will have access to these resources.

The Engaging parents in online safety session supports Ofsted Section 5 'Inspecting eSafety, briefing for inspectors' and will focus on the 'Sample questions for school leadership'.

This session will provide:

  • Awareness of online safety and its impact at home
  • Strategies for engaging the school community
  • Gathering appropriate information
  • Resources to deliver a parent online safety session
  • Delivering the online safety session to parents giving appropriate advice and messages

Risks identified 

  • Being exposed to illegal, inappropriate/harmful material or harmful online interaction with other users i.e. cyber-bullying in all forms or grooming
  • Personal online behaviour that increases the likelihood of causing harm.
  • Lifestyle websites, for example pro-anorexia/self-harm/suicide sites
  • Identity theft (including ‘frape’ (hacking Facebook profiles)) and sharing passwords
  • Copyright (ownership – such as music and film)
  • Sexting (sending and receiving messages of a sexual nature including intimate images) 

Resources provided

  • Online safety leaflet
  • Birmingham Anti-Bullying leaflet
  • Websites to share with parents 
  • PowerPoint presentation to deliver to parents 

This course is intended for

  • Headteachers 
  • Senior Management Team
  • Online Safety Co-ordinators 
  • ICT Co-ordinators and Teachers

If this course location is not suitable, please contact  and we will contact you to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you can express an interest in any other online safety courses that we offer at our Fort Dunlop offices or for bespoke training opportunities.