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Engaging parents through social media

esafety square 80Do you have a resilient communication strategy?

This half day strategic session will explore the use of social media in conjunction with more traditional communication tools as part of developing a whole school communication strategy for engaging the school community. There are many benefits to schools using social media but there are also potential risks that need to be acknowledged and strategies put in place for dealing with the issues before they arise. In addition you have to consider the time involved in sustaining this engagement and schools should be clear on what they are going to achieve (success criteria) along with how this will be measured. 

Course Aims

  • The range of communication tools that are available to the school
  • The time required to sustain the required level of engagement

To recognise

  • Potential risks and develop strategies for dealing with them

To know how to

  • Choose appropriate tools to use
  • Set and evaluate success criteria
  • Create and manage your communication strategy

No previous experience is required

This course is intended for

  • Head Teachers
  • Deputies
  • Senior Leadership