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Physical Computing using Lego Consultancy

Bee Bots, ProBots and Roamer work well lower down the school but continuing the progression can be quite tricky unless you can afford to buy in something like Lego Mindstorm EV3 Robots. They are perfect for years 4, 5 and 6 with plenty of extension work available to take you into secondary school territory.


computing square 80This consultancy can be offered as a whole day, half day or twilight taster workshops for staff.  

The aim of this consultancy session is to learn how to program the robots and encourage pupils to work together to program the robot as part of the new computer curriculum. The twilight session will demo how the robot can be used across teaching and learning curriculum. 

As part of the consultancy a whole host of skills will be covered:  

  •  Numeracy skills of estimation in time and distance; it consolidates the use of decimals, angles, length….. 
  • In Science it links really well with an Earth and Space unit of work and reiterates the concept of fair testing procedures.


robot1The sessions work best when the children work in small groups, the discussion, decision making and as a result, the level of understanding and engagement is much better. They select and drag the appropriate icons / ‘cogs’ and link them together. After adjusting the settings for each cog, they send their program via a USB lead to the Lego Mindstorm robots to run. Removing the lead, placing the robot on the floor and pressing go, has the children watching with great anticipation and excitement to see if their program runs as expected.

Consultancy outcome

The challenge, the success, the frustration, the trial and error, the desire to get the program ‘spot on’ and the team work are all good reasons why the teachers and pupils love the experience.

This consultancy is intended for all Key Stage 2 teaching staff 


Please click HERE to see how Lego Robots can be used in the classroom.