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Using the iPad in English

This half day course will look at how you can use the iPad to support English across the primary curriculum.  

Using iPads in English

ipad creative square 80The course will be a practical session using a range of apps to create and produce outcomes to support the development of literacy skills in the curriculum. For the iPads to be used effectively and to have a real impact on teaching and learning, a variety of productivity apps can be used and combined, allowing pupils to showcase creativity, literacy and their skills in using technology. 

You will utilise tools such as: Google Drive, OneDrive, Showbie to demonstrate workflow and suggestions as to how it can be managed on a shared set of iPads.

Course Aims & Objectives

To learn how to use iPads and feel confident integrating their use into the primary curriculum to support literacy skills

To have a better understanding of workflow and consider which would be best for your school

To share experiences of how the apps have been used in schools  

Course outcome 

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A better understanding of the benefits iPads can bring to teaching and learning to support literacy skills across the primary curriculum

A better understanding of potential workflow issues

Inspiration and enthusiasm for using iPads in schools 


While no experience is required, familiarity of using the iPad is preferred. 

This course is intended for ICT Leaders and Primary Teachers

Further training available

  • Using the iPad to support Maths and Computing in the primary curriculum 
  • Using iBook Author on the Mac 
  • Using animation on the iPad 
  • Using iMovie and GarageBand on the iPad to support Creative Learning 
  • Half day consultancy providing CPD and team teaching for any of the above courses