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BGfL 365 Roadshow

This FREE one hour roadshow event is a practical session and will look at how BGfL 365 can make a real difference in the classroom.  

BGfL 365 - create, curate, collaborate

bgfl365 80We are very excited about the launch of our BGfL 365 platform in Birmingham this term. Schools will not be disappointed with the value the email service, calendars and collaborative opportunities of Office 365 which enables efficient communications - but BGfL 365 offers so much more. Lots of work has been going on behind the scenes to bring together a tool that automatically updates from your MIS system, gives full access to the Just2easy creative tools suite, provides a customisable school SharePoint site for staff, students and governors …. the list goes on and new features are being developed and added all the time. More information on the full power of BGfL 365 can be found at

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From a teaching and learning point of view, we think teachers will love it. It works comfortably across a range of devices. Our schools using the iPad can download the free BGfL 365 app. The app has provided a great solution for workflow of a wide variety of file formats: pdf, iMovies, ePubs, Office documents and pictures and videos taken on the iPad. The resources created by teachers can be shared with a class or group of children, to again help with the distribution and retrieval of work. Schools using Android devices can still benefit from this workflow by accessing BGfL 365 through the browser.

Collaboration on Office based Documents offers fantastic opportunities too – you no longer need to be in the same room or sharing the same computer screen to make amendments to policies or putting a draft together for a proposed event. Using the online Office suite on any internet based device, several people can join in with the task.


BGfL 365 offers the freedom of location and device choice that both teachers and students will be amazed by – creativity, collaboration, Cloud based.


To find out how BGfL 365 can make a difference to teaching and learning in the classroom, we have organised a number of FREE roadshow events around Birmingham tailored for teachers to get a closer look.

Places on each roadshow are limited.