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New Science Training Courses

science courses 01New: Professional development opportunities for primary science subject teachers and leaders. 

Link2ICT has extended our service offerings to include Science training courses. As part of this portfolio, we now offer Teaching Science (Years 1-6), Assessment in Primary Science and Leading Science in Primary Schools.

As a core subject, leadership of science is an important aspect of primary school management and therefore both courses provide an opportunity to hear from an established Science Adviser in two local authorities. Mary Le Breuilly has extensive experience as a school improvement partner, an OFSTED inspector in the primary phase and is the author of Engaging Science (a scheme of work developed with teachers in Solihull where she worked).

These courses provide an opportunity for science leaders to develop or consolidate their leadership skills, ensure that their leadership covers all the essential elements to ensuring the best possible provision for science in their schools and provide a valuable insight in assessing science achievements in primary schools.

Teaching Science in Years 1-6

The revised National Curriculum has provided an opportunity to look again at the science curriculum and design an approach to science that enthuses and engages pupils whilst still maintaining a focus in rigour and progress. This course will support primary science teachers wishing to provide a more hands-on approach in the classroom, as well as those still getting to grips with curriculum requirements and subject knowledge.

This course is applicable to all science schemes but is based on the principles of the Engaging Science scheme of work. There will be an emphasis on practical approaches to science and a strong emphasis on supporting literacy through science.

The course aims to explore the National Curriculum requirements for teaching science in Year 1, including the Working Scientifically strand, clarify the key ideas and subject knowledge involved in teaching science to Year 1 and to sample some activities from the animal kingdom, everyday materials, plants and the weather to meet the primary curriculum requirements for science, with a focus on practical science and improving engagement in science.

Attending this course will help you gain awareness of the various techniques available for self-evaluation or assessments and practical experience of working towards the National Curriculum units Science in Years 1-6.


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science coursesAssessment in Primary Science

This course aims to develop effective practice in assessing science without levels, examine ways of assessing science, including practical science and to improve accuracy of assessment in science.

The most recent OFSTED report on science indicated that many primary schools are not assessing and tracking science effectively. The change to assessing without levels has led to uncertainty in many schools about what should be assessed in science, how it should be assessed and how it should be tracked. This course will provide solutions to these problems.

Attending this course will provide you with a clear understanding of how to assess and track achievement in science.

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Leading Science in Primary Schools

This course aims to develop strategies to help both new and experienced primary science leaders in carrying out the role of science leader, look at principles of assessment and OFSTED recommendations for assessment and tracking in science and explore self-evaluation techniques for science leaders, both for school self-evaluation and in preparation for inspection.

Attending this course will help you gain awareness of the various techniques available for self-evaluation or assessments.

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Here's some of the feedback for our new Science courses:

  • "Very informative, especially the information on scheme of work."
  • "Very useful, thank you!"
  • "Lots of good advice. Feeling energised to go and take stock and start making science shine."


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