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Bren's Blog - January 2017

New year, same pressures – but what can you do differently?

by Bren Taylor, Senior Education Advisor.

So do you have any New Year Resolutions? My personal dalliance with this annual ritual is, on the whole, just that – nothing more than a short-lived, perhaps not even determined, dance with a guilt-tinged promise, to “do better” with something. More often than not, the rhythm for that dance is syncopated as I slip into the old, emerge briefly in the new and then halt, without the warning of a scripted caesura. 

I’m not going to use much space to conject in depth about the failings around my annual aspiration for change, but I will indulge briefly because I have a hope that this year it could change. I have come to realise that my quest for changed personal behaviour has, more often than not, failed because it has been about what I can do for me. So this year, to test this theory, and because actually, it is just “the right thing to do”, my focus will be to celebrate and share the achievements of others. My goodness, what a clichéd segue to my last blog.

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Bren's Blog - December 2016

Serving up a slice of excellence – sumptuous for the few but let’s not leave the others starved.

Article by Bren Taylor, Senior Education Advisor.

It is a privilege to have regular opportunities to visit schools and witness incredible facilitation of learning, observing new ideas being tested and old nuggets perhaps get their annual airing and seeing them yet again make a positive difference. Watching youngsters grasp new concepts using exciting methods that step out from the ordinary, immersed in learning and perhaps not aware until after the event, and watching expressions develop across faces at the realisation, “now I get it” – what a privilege!

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