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Bren's Blog - October 2017

When pride takes you by surprise

Well, I was nearly here. I’d got my latest ramblings almost together, just about ready to hit publish when I sat back and realised, I couldn’t - because I’d lost the theme of celebrating excellence, which I promised to maintain over at least the first twelve months of these writings.

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I caught myself being reminded of this whilst in the middle of a presentation I was giving at the National Education Network conference in Cardiff. The theme of the conference was “Tackling the big issues” and brought together the Welsh, Northern Ireland and Scottish government departments, together with our own Department for Education, Regional Broadband Consortia (such as our own WMnet), schools and commercial partners. Whilst I was there representing the West Midlands with my part time hat of WMnet Chair firmly being worn, I was asked to remove it and represent Link2ICT to give a talk about our Digital Monitoring Service.

blog 02It was with the audience that I began to explore some of the statistics – how our team back at base had over the last year, analysed over ten million captures of “stuff” from computers and screens of other devices in our schools. I explained that on the occasion of when items were identified that caused significant concern, how we contacted schools to investigate matters immediately. My contribution to the conference theme – “tackling the big issues” – was clearly beginning to hit the mark. In particular, when I was able to report upon the children whose lives may, quite literally, have been saved as we had identified cries for help, or those who had been about to try to travel places - virtually or physically - that would bring nothing but tremendous danger, I could see the faces of the audience visibly shaken, pausing for thought.

And it was in that pause, I realised that this month’s ramblings had to change. Because I suddenly felt immense pride in knowing that our service was saving lives. I’m proud of the way our organisation came together to build an offer that makes that difference, proud of the team and Andy Pyper who leads their work. Proud that the success of their work makes such a difference every single school day. The stats prove it.

Stories of success. that is what I promised this year. This one absolutely fits into that category.


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