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Aspiring for excellence to become a byword for the norm.

brenBren Taylor, Senior Education Consultant

Well, if pride comes before a fall, perhaps I’ll go for joy. For indeed it was joyous to be with the Professional Services team when, on behalf of Link2ICT, they were recognised for their fantastic work and presented with the prestigious and internationally acclaimed BETT Award in January. What a wonderful way to continue this year’s theme of celebrating success! The trick now, of course, is to move on, continue the good work and improve on previous best. Thankfully, that attitude is already engrained in the ethos of the team, as anyone who has worked with them will know. 



We recently had two events to help schools prepare for Safer Internet Day. These meetings drew on a plethora of experts to help schools equip young people to stay safe and develop emotional resilience in an online world.

sim fin 400The keynote speaker for both the Birmingham and Stafford sessions was Simon Finch – his mix of humour and challenge was warmly appreciated. At the Stafford event, we also had Rykneld Primary School and The Friary Secondary School share their journeys with us – and the message was clear – those journeys don’t stop. They are always striving to do better, to share good practice, to learn from others – both demonstrating an outstanding attitude to the mission they were following. My colleague, Vikki Bardon summed them up wonderfully, “Wow! Brilliant!”. 


I’d like to finish this month by asking a question. Have you seen and begun to use the newly launched BGfL 365/LaunchPad 365 Scheme of Work? It is FREE to any school that subscribes to BGfL 365/LaunchPad 365. It has been written by, ahem, that BETT Award winning team above. Take a peak and let me know what you think of it – suggestions for further improvement will be warmly embraced. Equally, if you want to follow Vikki’s example, “Wow! Brilliant!” will also be joyously listened to.


Please get in touch with me, Bren Taylor ( with your ideas – I’d love to talk with you.

Link2ICT Blog – Bigger, Better, Bloggier

With the success of Bren's Blog over the last year, we are celebrating a new year by extending the Link2ICT Blog to include an expert view on all things online safety from Andy Pyper, Safeguarding Manager.

Andy's first blog post (YouTube: 12 million reasons why…) looks at some fascinating research reports, including the surprising impact the online world is having on the career aspirations of even the youngest of pupils.

andyAndy has been involved in education in Birmingham for around 20 years. His area of expertise is safeguarding, including online safety and information security. Over the years, he has been proactive in supporting the appropriate use of technology across Birmingham. This continues to be a focus as technology and online content continually evolves presenting more opportunities, but also risks that need to be addressed through effective education and support. Keep up-to-date with his regular blog posts as he reflects on new and emerging challenges for both teachers and pupils that are presented by the ever-changing digital world.


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YouTube: 12 million reasons why...

andyAndy Pyper, Safeguarding Manager

A new year, new term and Safer Internet Day just around the corner. For me, this means making sure I have caught up with the latest research and trends for the new presentations I will be delivering over the coming months.

Ofcom’s annual Children's media literacy research is always a solid starting point and highlights broad changes and trends across different age groups e.g. YouTube continues to dominate as the favourite media channel. I have also been lucky enough to attend their Children’s Media Literacy event 2017 on the 23 January that presented key findings from the report and showcased other current research results. This was a massive amount of information in a fairly short session and when I have been able to re-read all the research and properly digest the information, will feature prominently in future articles and presentations.

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I'm a believer

brenBren Taylor, Senior Education Consultant

Wow! A fresh, sparkly, brand new year. Okay, it is a few days old, and some resolutions will have already been thrown in to the cupboard containing the box of previous  “maybe I’ll have a go again next year” aspirations. I’ve certainly got a few in there taking up space, but the ironic beauty is that the cupboard never gets full, it simply grows bigger. However, a new year we are in, and much like the satisfaction I had as a pupil of writing on a new page, in a new exercise book, I hold out hope that somehow this year will see new achievement and growing expectation.

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