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School Development and Planning

Link2ICT can help with advancing your strategy 

In order to move forward we often need to stand still for a moment and reflect – what is it we are trying to do? What are we trying to achieve? What must we do, what is optional? Are we really getting the best from our current investment…and do we really understand what that investment is in the first place? It is from this broad starting point that we begin to unpick and understand what the unique demands for individual schools are. For some, advanced in their leadership of using technology to support the needs of the whole school community, next steps will explore pushing boundaries further, finding new opportunities to improve and ensuring potential is maximised. For others, it may be a starting point to look at restructuring of roles as schools work within federations and trusts. The possibilities are endless, which is why this particular part of Link2ICT’s support for you will be absolutely customised to your individual needs and based upon your current position.

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This area of our work will invariably be undertaken over a number of sessions. For some schools, a popular option is to work on a half termly basis, with our experienced advisors and consultants making six half day visits through the course of the year. Of course, prior to this, they will book a visit with you to scope out and plan the work for the coming year. This could involve a review of CPD and the curriculum; it could be supporting a re-organisation of resources, developing new communication strategies to use with the wider school community, or considering how to create an engaging safeguarding curriculum with regard to safety.

Perhaps it is about providing a critical friend for that half termly check of all the above or acting as a coach for new leaders with responsibility for ICT, the new computing curriculum or eSafety. The list is endless, but our team are highly experienced and will invariably be able to help you in whatever direction you wish to go. Importantly, where there is an area they cannot themselves provide support for, they will usually be able to find others to do this. In essence, you could perhaps think of this service as that which may previously have been afforded to the role of a link advisor, with a special interest in leadership and management, whole school improvement, curriculum development – all of which are in some way related to the use and provision of technology.

Who will be working with you?

We have a team of highly experienced teachers and school leaders, with a rich diversity of backgrounds and expertise. They understand schools; they understand school improvement in all its guises. They know the eSafety agenda; they even assess those wishing to achieve the 360 Safe mark and likewise the NAACE ICT Mark. They coach leaders, they work with teachers, and they provide that critical friendship. Their work is known nationally and internationally. Most importantly, they just “get it” and know how to work with the whole spectrum of your school community.  

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