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Helping you in school

It’s not about the technology – it’s how you use it… 

Over the last 12 months we have seen an unprecedented pace of change in technological options that can be used in school. This poses numerous possibilities for you to consider and choices for how to invest to best support teaching and learning.

We can help you make the right choices to get the best impact on learning from your investment. Points to consider… it’s not all about the technology, it’s what you do with it that makes the all difference. 

Ask yourself… 

What about the kit you already have – is this being used to its full potential to enhance learning? find out sticker purple

Are you ready for the new computing curriculum? 

Will you stretch your pupils enough? 

What can you do differently on different devices? 

Are all your staff confident? 

Are your staff, pupils and parents eSafety aware? 

Link2ICT has a thriving consultancy team of teachers who are able to help support schools from a curriculum and strategic leadership point of view. 

Our team can support schools in a growing number of ways. 

  • Offering a wide range of consultancies and training courses to enable staff to use ICT effectively 
  • Helping to develop the ICT Vision Statement and its strategic implementation 
  • Planning and delivering a CPD programme combined with some team teaching to develop staff skills 
  • Guidance and support through the Naace Self Review Framework (a great tool for developing areas for development and a pathway forward) 
  • Developing a staff skills audit 
  • Advice on hardware and software options to support teaching and learning along with any training required 
  • Work with you to develop a progressive computing scheme of work 
  • Help you to implement commercial schemes of work e.g. Switched on Computing 
  • Deliver eSafety awareness sessions e.g. staff updates/parent workshops/website materials/data security/360 Safe training 
  • Strategies for implementing new initiatives e.g. iPad deployment followed by training and team teaching to maximise impact 

Schools invest heavily in technology, so ensure your staff and pupils are able to use it to its full potential.

A recent report said...

"There was no question that hardware such as interactive whiteboards, digital tablets or software such as educational games could help improve pupils' learning if used properly. But they say that too often they are used without a strong understanding of their power to transform education, and many schools still use technology to support 20th century teaching methods and learning objectives."