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Consultancy and ICT Development


ICT can transform learning in your school. Having an ICT Strategy can ensure your school maximises the potential of your pupils. Link2ICT understands the relationship between technology and learning outcomes, and can help your school develop a successful ICT Strategy.

What is special about your school? How are you maximising opportunities for your learning community?

Every school is unique. Ofsted measures and national targets might be a constant for all, but your school - and every school - is different. There are different pupils, different staff, different teachers and different leaders. Aspirations may be similar - wanting every child to achieve to the very best of their ability at every opportunity in a safe and secure environment but how these aspirations are met, may be through similar or unique approaches from school to school.

Getting it right can be an exciting and challenging journey and when continuous improvement is an aspiration, reaching it doesn't allow for standing still - by definition, it can't.

Link2ICT works with schools to be at the heart of their aspirations. From short, tightly defined curriculum improvement support or eSafety reviews, to taking a wider role in whole school improvement processes, working with Heads and Senior Leaders to re-evaluate current provision and goals, and how that needs changing in order to achieve success.

ICT is forever evolving and the use of the latest technologies, including mobile devices, online resources and applications, is an everyday part of teaching and learning for teachers and pupils alike. ICT underpins the success of a school and is heavily relied upon to support the curriculum, management information and achieve strategic outcomes.

This presents schools with an ideal opportunity to rethink how ICT is used to deliver and enhance learning. Combine this with the new computing curriculum, and it raises a number of important questions.find out sticker purple

  • Where do you begin?
  • How aware are you of current approaches and technologies?
  • Do staff know how these can be used to enhance the learning opportunities in your school?

So where do schools begin?

The Self Review Framework from NAACE asks Heads and Senior Leaders to consider the following:

  • Do staff feel encouraged and supported, by colleagues at all levels, in developing and sharing new practices with ICT?
  • To what extent is the development of ICT capability systematically mapped across the whole curriculum?
  • Does the use of ICT in and beyond school help pupils become more effective and confident learners?
  • Is there effective assessment of progress in ICT capability, of all groups of pupils?
  • Can staff explain why and how they use ICT in lessons and to support other aspects of their work?
  • Are the right ICT resources, including hardware and software for digital learning and school management, accessible in the right place at the right time?
  • The Computing Curriculum

The current emphasis (curriculum-wise) is of course the new Computing Curriculum and as such it can perhaps be easy to forget about the wider ICT issues that affect the very structures within a school setting. The challenges that the new curriculum present are met with fascinating and exciting opportunities for taking pupils’ learning for an adventure that many teachers have felt unprepared to be part of. Demystifying that new curriculum is a must. But what about everything else?

What about the ICT bit - the technology that provides the mechanism for effective communication with parents, staff – and pupil voice?

Where is the planning taking place to ensure value for money - impact on learning, teaching and day-to-day running of a complex community that we call school? 

  • What is the role of ICT in this? 
  • What decisions are you taking now with regard to your ICT spend that you are prepared to measure and see the benefits of in two or three years? 
  • How are you consulting staff, parents and pupils in that process?
  • Have you taken stock, benchmarked where you as a school are at, and considered, how has ICT helped? 
  • Or has it hindered us in achieving the vision we have for our pupils? 
  • Have your audits been limited to kit?
  • Link2ICT has been working with schools to support the delivery of the new Computing Curriculum but also to determine where they are with technology, where they want to be and developing a strategy for moving forward.

Professional Consultancy Service

We appreciate that all schools are unique and Link2ICT offers a professional consultancy service that can provide a bespoke solution tailored to your specific needs. During this consultation we will determine your school's starting point and define a clear pathway forward. This may include a staff development audit, technology audit, setting and supporting development targets, identifying areas of weakness and strengths.

Your consultant will help you to:

  •  Develop your ICT strategy
  •  Instil strong leadership/management
  •  Coach Senior Leaders in new roles
  •  Establish job descriptions, roles and management structures
  •  Develop improved recruitment practices and post appointment coaching
  •  Transform curriculum development
  •  Improve learning opportunities for pupils
  •  Engage the whole school community through an effective communication strategy
  •  Implement strategic School Improvement programs
  •  Develop staff confidence and awareness
  •  Empower you to make cost effective choices around hardware and software (including developing a software map to support your purchase choices)
  •  Facilitate and develop effective online learning
  •  Ensure your school is not left behind

Our professional consultancy service can work with you and key staff in a number of ways to design the most effective assessment structure to deliver your school’s required outcomes. Consultancies can take the form of:

  • Extended blocks (e.g. one day per week)
  • Concentrated blocks (e.g. initial consecutive days followed by regular weekly/monthly day/days)
  • “One off” support when required

Link2ICT Consultants have a wealth of skills, experience and expertise both in education and business. Previously Teachers, Senior Leaders in schools, ICT specialists, eSafety Advisors and Business Directors, they have worked in partnership with many significant partners and initiatives including BeLF, Mlearn, BETT, TeachMeet, National College for Teaching and Leadership and The Professional Alliance Birmingham.

Supported by all services within Link2ICT, our consultants will ensure schools benefit from a seamless and one-stop-shop experience delivering best value results. Link2ICT can provide bespoke, innovative, contextualised solutions based on the latest education climate and national/local drivers.

If you would like Link2ICT to support your school and develop a successful ICT strategy for your ongoing classroom practice, please get in touch.