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Bespoke Consultancy

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Our aim is to assist you to raise standards and develop a more effective and skilled workforce by developing their skills and expertise to use in their teaching, through defining and introducing training solutions which are led by need rather than technology. 


We do this by enabling staff and students to select and apply the technology which is most suited to the task, ensuring that educational goals are at the centre of the solution. We can provide you with bespoke consultancy to help you to develop a vision that integrates technology into management, teaching, learning and administration and planning to achieve the desired impact.  

Our service features are outlined below, and can be combined and delivered in a format that best suits your establishment, staff and timetable. 


We can engage with you to:

  • Ensure your staff are competent and compliant with GDPR requirements
  • Carry out a skills analysis of staff and pupils, so we can deliver the appropriate level of training and help you to develop a plan for staff training and development in the use of ICT
  • Audit the application and use of technology throughout your school, including ICT skills audits
  • Enable the workforce with professional development 
  • Assess and implement the best ways to use technology for leadership and management
  • Enhance the learner experience
  • Conduct evaluation sessions to provide staff and students the opportunity to experience different technologies
  • Evaluate technical solutions before you purchase, enabling you to consider the suitability of products, relating to their practical use and effectiveness within the learning environment 
  • Provide the training appropriate to your needs
  • Tailor induction sessions to introduce staff to the ICT environment, hardware, software and equipment, protocols and procedures

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