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Content Monitoring

Futures Cloud (formerly known as Policy Central)

The eSafety of pupils is a key area for concern and a huge responsibility for the Head and Governors of any educational establishment.

Your ICT resources are a powerful and positive learning tool but there are risks involved. 

The Every Child Matters agenda demands the safe keeping of children and directives emerging from government agencies are urging schools to look not only at filtering solutions within the school environment, but also at ways of monitoring and tracking what children are doing when using all school electronic resources.

Futures Cloud is designed to do just that - Simple software to Detect and Protect

With Futures Cloud, you can enforce an Acceptable Use Policy for all computer use within your school or Virtual Learning Environment. It helps you put a stop to inappropriate and harmful computer use, whether it involves just looking or active participation.

By installing Futures Cloud, you can offer comprehensive and automatic protection for everyone in your learning community. It also demonstrates to parents, education authorities and bodies such as Ofsted that you are taking your duty of care seriously.

With Futures Cloud, you can help put a stop to:find out sticker mustard

  • Bullying and threatening behaviour
  • Abusive comments or offensive attitudes
  • Inadvertent exposure to inappropriate web sites (pornography, violence, suicide)
  • Deliberate access to inappropriate web sites
  • Online gambling
  • Un-moderated discussion forums and chat rooms
  • Left unnoticed and unchecked, computer misuse can have serious consequences, including:
  • Decrease in academic achievement
  • Loss of reputation
  • Sexual or racial harassment
  • Criminal prosecution
  • Parental dissatisfaction
  • Racial prejudice
  • Threats against teachers
  • Depression and even suicide

Futures Cloud works across all applications and virtual environments providing fast and accurate management data to enable schools to deal swiftly and effectively with any instances of misuse that occur. The outcome data can be used to heighten awareness of the issues highlighted and will support all users in the development of increased eSafety skills.