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Classroom Management

NetSupport School - Best practice teaching tools for the 21st century classroom

NetSupport School is the award-winning, market-leading classroom software solution that supports teachers with a wealth of dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control features to ensure they can leverage the very best from their ICT equipment.

Rising to the challenge and requirements of the modern classroom, NetSupport School provides the ability to orchestrate and deliver lesson content, work collaboratively and monitor student PCs, ensuring complete student attention and focus is maintained at all times. There are no hidden extras: all features are included as standard including dedicated Teacher, Classroom Assistant and Technician modules.

Complete Platform Flexibility

NetSupport offers its classroom management software across all leading platforms, so if your environment demands it, you can rest assured a teacher can connect to a full mix of students, each on different platforms.

NetSupport School started 25 years ago as a Windows solution and has responded to evolving needs by adding support for Mac and Linux PCs and more recently, Android, iOS and Chromebooks.

NetSupport School is also designed to work flawlessly over both wired and wireless networks with desktops, laptops or tablets and for use in traditional PC, thin client or virtualised environments.

Key features include:find out sticker purple

  • Classroom Management
  • Printer and Device Management
  • Student Register
  • Real-time instruction (Show Mode)
  • Virtual Whiteboard
  • Internet Co-browse
  • View student screens in real time (Monitor Mode)
  • Instant Messenger monitoring
  • Tutor Assistant app
  • Real-time key keyboard monitoring 
  • Internet metering and control


FREE Trial of NetSupport Manager (including NetSupport School) is available to schools who subscribe to our Enhanced Support ((formerly Business and Technical Support) and existing MyConcern customers.

For more information on this product, download the NetSupport School Brochure (pdf) or the NetSupport School Infographic (pdf). Or, visit the NetSupport Manager website.