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Website and Email Services

Website Design Servicefind out sticker purple

The Link2ICT website service provides you with the choice to do as little or as much as you desire to create and maintain a fully functional and exciting website. If you are looking for a more dynamic design, or simply want to rejuvenate your current website, Link2ICT provides a dedicated design service to help you achieve this. This service includes design advice and provides the technical support to ensure you achieve a high quality look to your website.

Service includes

Creation of hosting space, hosting of www (or other) subdomain on server and hosting of additional alias domains on server (if required), creation of Joomla application instance and installation of standard extensions and agreed optional extensions, design, build and installation of Joomla template, initial content upload and creation of agreed navigation structure (maximum 2 days’ work included in standard price). 


Website Content Management

Link2ICT can provide a website content management service charged on a per day basis.

Service includes

Upload and linking of content to a Link2ICT hosted website, conversion of documents to web ready formats (e.g. Microsoft Word documents to Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format), minor changes to graphical elements of website, e.g. changes to information in header images. 


Technical Website Support

Link2ICT can provide a support service for your Link2ICT built website to ensure that it is well maintained and regularly updated.

Service includes 

Regular maintenance updates to keep your site up-to-date with the latest Joomla and third-party extension patches and updates, thorough testing of any third-party extensions deployed to your site, Joomla technical support and advice. 


Website Hosting

Link2ICT provides a range of web space packages to host your website:

  • Redirection – for simple HTML redirection hosting
  • Basic HTML – for small HTML or PHP sites
  • Standard Joomla/CMS – for hosting Joomla (or other CMS) sites or large HTML sites
  • Premium XL sites – for very large or complex site hosting.

Service includes

Creation of hosting package, customer control panel, hosting of www (or other) subdomain on server and hosting of additional alias domains on server (depending on package), creation of an (S)FTP account to upload files, monitoring of service, and support of hosting space to maintain efficient service operation. 


Email Service (Zimbra webmail)

Our web based email solution is the ideal communication tool that offers increased email flexibility. Compatible with smart phones and other mobile devices this is a complete email suite that includes features such as calendar management (including group views), address book, task views and other customisable preferences such as message prioritising and flagging.

Service includes

Creation and support of email domain and initial domain administrator accounts, promotion of default mailboxes to staff class of service (as this cannot be done by schools), creation of account lists for Zimbra 5 (if required), monitoring of service, maintenance of mail servers, OS patches and service updates from Zimbra, management of servers to maintain efficient service operation