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SIMS Annual Entitlement

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SIMS Annual Entitlement – included in standard annual entitlement

SIMS Annual Entitlement Functionality includes: Pupil records, contacts, staff records, attendance recording for registration, behaviour, assessment recording, tracking and analysis, cover, examinations, SEN, timetabling, statutory returns, reporting, discover analytical tool, financial management system (FMS).

SIMS additional annual licences 

Use of the following modules requires an additional licence that must be purchased direct from Capita. Please contact your Account Manager for a quote on any of the following modules:

  • Dinner Money
  • InTouch (messaging and communication package)
  • Lesson Monitor (Secondary/Academies)
  • Agora (online payments system)
  • SIMS Teacher App

SIMS additional services 

Link2ICT can offer a wide range of SIMS consultancy, delivered on your premises and tailored to your school. The following list highlights just some of the ways that we can help. Please contact your Account Manager for a SIMS consultancy quote.
  • Assessment Tracker - Link2ICT offers a package to set up assessment tracking and reporting progress models within SIMS
  • Dinner Money - Half day consultancy to set up Dinner Money for your school and training on use of the module. 
  • SIMS Report Creation - SIMS core suite comes with a range of system reports but if you require a specific report writing for your school this service is available from Link2ICT 
  • SIMS Upgrades - Link2ICT offers a service to complete SIMS/FMS/Discover upgrades for your school
  • SIMS Discover - A half day consultancy to configure and train on the use of Discover within your school is available from Link2ICT
  • FMS Academy Setup - We offer a service to set up FMS to meet academy requirements and training on how to get the best out of this product
  • Financial Scheme Change - A consultancy is available for schools moving from the non-cheque book scheme to either External Payments Account (EPA), Full Cheque Book or vice versa
  • Behaviour Management - A consultancy is available to assist in setting up the Behaviour module to meet your school’s requirements and also training on the how to get the best out of this module
  • Performance Management - Link2ICT provides a half day consultancy on the set up and use of the performance management module to record staff performance.