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Network Health Check

  • Are you experiencing slow network performance or problems with specific workstations and servers?
  • Are you considering upgrading your network and not sure where to start?
  • Would you like these problems resolved?

Link2ICT offers a Network Health Check that can help you to identify problem areas needing specific attention to improve your network. 

Now more than ever, schools want a reliable network that will contribute to improving teaching and learning, parental engagement, data management and overall school administration. A day without efficient, reliable systems could create untold havoc in the form of lost lesson time, crucial communication channels and subsequent penalties for data loss.

Widening your Teaching and Learning Community

More and more schools are using applications such as Skype, FaceTime and ooVoo for face-to-face video communications to deliver peer mentoring, remote teaching and improve modern foreign languages. These emerging applications demand higher bandwidth and a reliable network, and as teaching and learning is no longer restricted to the physical classroom, the demand on your network and connectivity will determine how you reach your teaching and learning community.

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Link2ICT understands the importance of planning for now and into the future and so we can help you by conducting an analysis of your network, focusing on the following areas:

  • Analysis of your admin, curriculum and other servers: Recent developments of school based MIS mean that the systems schools have known and used for many years, will eventually be replaced by cloud (internet accessed) solutions that change the way in which these systems are deployed, how data is collected, managed and accessed 
  • Data Backup Checks: A complete analysis of your backup regime to ensure it is configured and working correctly
  • Equipment Audit: Is your equipment now end of life or requiring an update?
  • Analysis of your network and bandwidth check: This will identify if there is any undue traffic on the network that may impact performance. It will also highlight how much of your connection you are using including your bandwidth highs and lows

The Network Health Check will take place on a number of workstations and all activities will be clearly outlined. It can also be completed during school holidays to ensure a full analysis of your network.