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GDPR in Schools - Take control of your data and your data process

GDPRiS6GDPRiS is a highly secure, cloud-based tool  designed to reflect existing processes and  the way schools work, whilst pro-actively  prompting them to meet and exceed the  new General Data Protection Regulations.  The best of the best is combined in GDPRiS, it  documents data flows, mapping and audit  of all personal data, and prompts the use of Self Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs).

It will guide ALL school staff to a new level of data protection understanding. GDPRiS has been designed with schools in mind, it is as simple and intuitive as possible ensuring it is easy to use and making it an invaluable tool for schools looking to achieve full GDPR compliance.







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GDPRiS Benefits

  • Manage third party suppliers that process data
  • Streamline Subject Access Requests (SARs) and data breach reporting
  • Store policy documents, training records and materials
  • Provide a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) to all staff to ensure full accountability
  • Access practical guidance on GDPR compliance
  • Supply and store SAQs in other areas i.e. networks, access control








"GDPRiS is our 'SATNAV' on the journey towards compliance and helps us to fulfil a key part of our new obligations under the regulation which is to evidence/prove compliance measures."


If you would like to meet and exceed the requirements for GDPR compliance, get in touch with us today.