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Link2ICT Free School Meals Eligibility Checking Service

The electronic eligibility checking service available now!

As you will be aware, the Government has recently increased the amount received for Pupil Premium. The award will be valid for any pupil eligible for free school meals (FSM) within the last 6 years. It is therefore more crucial than ever that schools access their full entitlement based on eligible pupil numbers.

Currently, parents and carers can apply manually to receive FSM and there is often a stigma attached to this process, resulting in schools potentially missing out on their funding entitlement. This is where the Link2ICT FSM Eligibility Checking Service can help.

The Link2ICT Free School Meals Eligibility Checking Service
The Link2ICT Free School Meals Eligibility Checking Service provides an online form, accessible through any device, which enables parents, carers or schools on their behalf to check their eligibility for FSM and therefore Pupil Premium funding.

Through our link to the Local Authority, the data is checked against the Department for Education’s (DfE) Eligibility Checking Service (ECS).  In addition, as pupils’ circumstances frequently change, the system will update regularly and the school will have access to up to date information. 

The Link2ICT FSM Eligibility Checking Service offers a number of benefits, including:

For Children

  • Provides a meal where in some cases a meal would not be provided therefore increasing performance
  • Removes embarrassing associations with FSM application
  • Additional provision of Summer School places (to help with transition to Secondary School) based on FSM Eligibility

For Parents/Carers

  • Offers a faster, simpler, and more convenient application process
  • Delivers instant notification of entitlement
  • Reduces application errors through computer assisted validation
  • Removes the need for reapplication where eligibility continues
  • Removes stigma as face-to-face meetings will no longer be required for application

For Schools

  • Provides latest information about which children can be offered free meals
  • No more form filling in reception or sending off endless copies of documentation
  • Save administrative time and utility costs
  • Encourages reluctant parents to register for FSM entitlement where they previously wouldn’t and maximise funding through Pupil Premium
  • Accurate FSM eligibility can help school with Value Added comparisons
  • Available for Maintained* nurseries, schools, sixth forms and Academies

How can we access this service?
To subscribe to the Link2ICT FSM Eligibility Checking Service, please contact your Link2ICT Account Manager. Once ordered, we will provide you with credentials to log in, and a complete starter pack including templates to help you communicate this great new service to your parents/carers.

This is an exciting development for schools so don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain your full funding entitlement. 


* Nursery Aged children can receive Free School Meals if they attend an LA maintained nursery (not private) and attend before and after lunch sessions. Sixth Form Students can receive Free School Meals if they attend tertiary education in a school not a tertiary college.