Governor GDPR webinar

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 Governor GDPR webinar




What Governor’s need to know

This course is beneficial for School Governors to understand the implications of the new GDPR regulation and how this impacts on the school governor’s role. This webinar session is designed to support governors feel confident in their ability to ensure school policies and procedures are in adequately in place when processing personal data.

Course Aims:

This course will enable the governors to:

  • Understand the changes that the new General Data Protection Regulations brings and how this will impact on the school
  • Gain practical advice and ensure that the governors role complies with GDPR
  • Consider which school policies require updating as a result of GDPR
  • Ensure that reasonable measures are in place to protect data.


Understand the implications imposed on organisations regarding changes to data protection under GDPR.


Awareness amongst key decision makers to understand how data protection law has changed and have due regard as to what the likely impact on day to day responsibilities and practices are is crucial.  Monitoring compliance and adjusting practice and policy provides evidence of accountability for an organisation under GDPR.  The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) announced in January 2018 that there is a need to show there is an ‘Organisational culture towards GDPR compliance’.  The way governors carry out their roles and responsibilities must also be compliant with GDPR as well as them evidencing that they are aware of the processes and policies in place for the processing of personal data in their organisation.


By the end of this webinar participants will understand the key changes of data protection under GDPR appropriate to the education sector.  They will be equipped with questions to ask or evidence to monitor to offer support and challenge to the school and the Data Protection Officer.

This course is intended for:

School Governors

Course duration:

This is a one hour webinar training session.

How to register:

  • Online - visit the training page on
  • Email -
  • Fax - complete the attached booking form and return on 0121 303 3552
  • Telephone - contact 0121 303 8001

 Cost:  £49.00 per person (£79.00 for non-subscribing schools)