Helping schools manage mental health concerns

Our children are facing a mental health crisis with 1 in 10 struggling to cope with daily life. Overstretched health care services are leaving schools and families desperate to support children and young people through this predicament.

A growing number of children are experiencing mental health issues with incidents as serious as self-harming beginning in primary schools. Even with this data, only a quarter of children with mental health problems currently receive treatment and in the last year organisations such as CAMHS have taken care of over 400,000 children in England alone.  

Three of the government agendas ‘Keeping children safe in education’, ‘Working together to safeguard children’ and ‘Transforming children and young people’s mental health provision’, all focus on early intervention and prevention in schools and with half of mental health illnesses starting before the age of 14, early intervention can help to reduce further strain on these services before it’s too late. 

To this end the government wants schools to play a key role in improving the help available to children and young people with thousands of extra staff being trained to support new mental health teams. Teachers will also be given training to spot problems early on with the aim of 1 in 4 schools to have this in place by 2021.  

But between now and 2021 there’s still a huge job to do and there are still children that can be helped with early intervention and prevention methods. In response, Link2ICT has developed an integrated group of specialist services that deliver a holistic view of emotional wellbeing in education. 

Through our suite of services, leadership and management, teaching and support staff, and interconnecting agencies can effectively and efficiently monitor, record, manage, share, report and audit mental health concerns.  

Link2ICT helps schools manage mental health concerns with:

The Digital Monitoring Service, a team of appropriately trained analysts will manage and monitor content monitoring software on your school’s behalf. The team reviews all captures generated by pupil activity during the day, grading them according to risk and escalating any potential mental health issues to named leads at the school that same day, allowing them to review the information and take appropriate action. 

Our Wellbeing Management Portal (MyConcern) enables all staff to record any mental health concern, safe in the knowledge that a proper record has been made and that the designated lead has been automatically notified. Traditionally, incidents such as these were dealt with in isolation of other information about the child. With MyConcern, designated leads now enter the monitoring escalations onto the system building a holistic view of the child. 


Our analysts can now securely log escalations from the Digital Monitoring Service directly into MyConcern, alerting the designated lead to the incident and allowing them to review it alongside all other offline concerns that may have been raised.


Our Content Monitoring Software alerts educators to incidents as they happen. Monitoring both keystrokes and screen views, administrators can be safe in the knowledge that they will be notified based on the level of risk when inappropriate content is typed or viewed.

The Browser App allows you to monitor the web activity of pupils using mobile devices. Inappropriate search content, social media and other online communications will be blocked and will then trigger a notification for staff while the user is redirected to a safe page.

Support and Guidance
As schools play an increasingly vital role in the emotional wellbeing of pupils, Link2ICT assists by providing training to help you better understand your responsibilities and Ofsted criteria. We offer guidance on the examination and evaluation of monitoring to inform whole school development and observe the kinds of information that can be gathered to deliver best practice. 

The safeguarding and emotional wellbeing of children and young people is at the heart of all Link2ICT services and so this suite of services ensures children and young people can receive the education they deserve in a safe and healthy environment. 

Contact us today to learn more about how Link2ICT can help your school manage mental health concerns.


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