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Innovation in Schools Award 2018 - And the winner is...

IIS Award WinnerWe are pleased to announce that Redhill Primary School is the winner of the Link2ICT Innovation in Schools Award 2018.


The school demonstrated a truly holistic approach to delivering the computing curriculum, showing meticulous planning, robust moderation and providing appropriate support for both staff and pupils alike.

The recent introduction of digital leaders has further enhanced a support and challenge model to even greater depths. The digital leaders are able to articulate and share their knowledge and understanding with other year groups, proving to be a huge credit to the whole school community.

Rather than just purchase a ready-made scheme of work, Redhill has written a whole school scheme which is tailor-made to the needs of their children and their own personal creative curriculum.

Uniquely, the bringing together of so many elements of good and great practice across the board is a rare achievement and the depth of quality of their total offer is so powerful. All of this brought about by the thoughtful and persistent leadership of the computing curriculum undertaken with passion and rigour that has made Redhill Primary School worthy winners of this award.

Take a look at the video to see Redhill Primary School in action:



If you feel your school has an innovative or inventive approach to using technology that is making a difference, then look out for when we launch the 2019 Innovation in Schools Award.




Plus, you can find out more about Lisa Hawtin, Computing Lead at Redhill Primary in our new “Teacher Feature". 



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