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Subscription services

subscriptions 80Bells Farm Primary School returns to Link2ICT’s Network and Internet service to resolve ongoing connectivity and MIS problems with an alternative supplier.

The challenge

Bells Farm Primary had been concerned about the cost of services provided by Link2ICT and decided not to continue with their subscription and moved away to a competitor. The school felt that making cost savings was their priority. However, when the school was with their new provider, there were numerous recurring issues which were getting in the way of delivering the best possible learning experiences for their pupils; the lack of a reliable service was detracting from the efficient running of the school. 


After moving away from Link2ICT, the school began to realise that cheapest isn’t always best. The school noticed a number of significant areas where the quality of service from their new provider was falling short of their requirements. Both staff and pupils noticed a much slower and intermittent internet service. With the competitor they discovered they were only reaching a 4mb speed for their 10mb connection.  

This had a detrimental effect on lessons where online resources were used - teachers were constantly concerned about whether their planned lessons would go smoothly. The office staff had difficulties downloading reconciliation files, they also experienced issues with MIS updates, and the level of support from the alternative provider was considerably lacking. Because of these cumulative issues the school contacted Link2ICT, and their Link2ICT Account Manager met with the school to address all the problems and offer a seamless solution for re-subscribing to our quality, reliable services.

The solution

With the school experiencing an inadequate service from a competitor, Link2ICT were able to provide a peace-of-mind, complete package for Bells Farm Primary - resolving their unreliable, intermittent internet service, ongoing MIS problems and finance-related issues. 

Although Link2ICT’s subscription was at a slightly higher cost, the competitor was unable to offer a like-for-like service. Link2ICT can provide quality, bespoke solutions to schools, with a wealth of experience and knowledge in understanding the needs of the education sector. Even during the period when the school had left Link2ICT, we were able to help the school with a temporary solution to some of the issues they were experiencing. Weighing up all these factors including the cost implication, the decision was made by Tony Baddhan, ICT Operations Manager at Bells Farm to re-subscribe to Link2ICT’s services.

Benefits for the school 

Bells Farm Primary School is extremely happy with the Link2ICT subscription solution which provides:

  • Reliable connectivity
  • Consistent internet speed/bandwidth
  • Confidence in delivering lessons
  • Access to online resources when needed
  • Appropriate security and safeguarding measures
  • Problem-free MIS service and support
  • Efficient running of school finance system
  • Quality support from Link2ICT Service Desk
  • Wealth of online support via Link2ICT Customer Support Portal and KnowledgeBase
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Seamless services tailored to meet specific school/education needs

“For a school, it’s not just about cost saving, it’s about getting the correct solution in place that works for our children and staff. The numerous problems we experienced with the independent providers led us to consider a move back with Link2ICT – a decision which we haven’t looked back on. Our services are far more stable, allowing us to concentrate on providing the best education for our children.”  

Tony Baddhan, IT Operations Manager.


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