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Robotics and computing

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Hillstone Primary School is invaded by robots, enriching the curriculum with an inspiring day of programming and robotics.

Hillstone School believes that in order for children to achieve their highest potential, they need to feel safe and happy. They must also be inspired to become eager and enthusiastic to learn. Hillstone offers an exciting new curriculum and quality after-school clubs to ensure that every child's learning is interesting, relevant and captivating.


Staff are always looking for new and inspiring ways to bring learning to life, and before the computing curriculum came into force, the school was invaded by robots - but in the nicest possible sense!

Courtney Norton is an enthusiastic teacher, now in her second year, who along with the school’s ICT Technician, Chris Carter, have been responsible for making the use of the Lego Mindstorm at Hillstone so successful. Courtney integrated the Lego robots as part of the Year 5 space project, as comparisons could be made with the robotically operated Mars Rover.

The kit is quite expensive so the school hired the robots and as part of the package, two morning sessions were delivered by Steve Rowley - our Education Consultant

After Steve had shown the classes how to operate and control the robot, the pupils were set an exercise of guiding the robots along a route where they would also need to complete a series of tasks along the way. Courtney found it very helpful watching Steve’s sessions, as she then felt confident to use the equipment when he was not there. 

Using Lego robots in the classroom


Hillstone pupils, Demi, Georgia and Mason, now in Year 6, spoke enthusiastically about their learning experience:

“At times it was easy, and at other times it was hard. Things went wrong, but it made us want to try again”

“We had to work together to program the robot and tell it what to do each time”

“It made a sound to let us know when we had got it right!”

“It was fun working things out!”



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