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Consultancy service

consultancy 80Perry Beeches Infant School benefits from using Link2ICT’s consultancy service to support the computing curriculum.

“I would highly recommend Link2ICT’s consultancy service and would definitely bring Sharon in again to tap into that personable experience and expertise. The consultancy is only as good as the person delivering it. I really value Sharon’s abilities as a team player and she is a real people person. It has made a real difference to how we are using technology and meeting the requirements of the new computing curriculum.”

Vicky Colley - Headteacher


Perry Beeches Infant School is a three form entry community school for children between the ages of four and seven years and is a part of a campus of five schools including Perry Beeches Nursery School, Junior School and Academy. They offer a broad and balanced curriculum which comprises of a varied range of activities and experiences. Their curriculum includes all the statutory requirements of both the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum.

The school has a vision to ensure all the children are appropriately challenged, given opportunities and are supported to become healthy, happy, successful, safe and positive members of society. The staff and governors are committed to achieving the highest possible standards of social, academic and moral education for the children. The best interests of the child are their top priority.

The challenge

Vicky Colley has been Headteacher at Perry Beeches Infant School for four years, although she started her teaching career there back in 1993 and stayed for ten years.  She has experience in understanding the needs of the local community and ensuring they provide the best possible education. This sense of being a part of the community is shared across the school by the staff and many of the children who attend the school today have parents who were also taught at Perry Beeches Infant school.

Because of the school’s desire to excel in all areas, Vicky was looking to expand the pedagogical use of technology across the school and in particular, address the requirements of the new computing curriculum. She was seeking to broaden the skills of the teaching staff and empower them to enrich their lessons with opportunities to incorporate programming, effective educational use of the iPad and increase parental engagement especially relating to eSafety.


Vicky had originally met Link2ICT consultant Sharon Cufflin, at the Perry Barr Consortium and was suitably impressed. She met her again at Link2ICT’s Primary Headteachers’ Conference where Sharon was speaking about the new computing curriculum and how it can make a difference to children’s education. Vicky approached Sharon after the event to talk about developing a bespoke computing curriculum at Perry Beeches Infant School.

The solution

Sharon has worked closely with Vicky and ICT Leader, Hayley Grice to develop a bespoke computing curriculum, along with supporting and improving their iPad setup and recommending what apps to use to enhance teaching and learning across the school. Sharon was asked to run Scratch training sessions to look at how staff could integrate this programming tool into their lessons. These professional development sessions were very well received and Vicky has observed how this has been put into practice with the children using Scratch to produce simple algorithms, and understand the basics of coding.

Vicky feels Sharon’s knowledge and expertise has been an invaluable resource, giving confidence to Hayley to move forward in her role as ICT Leader and in turn, Hayley has been able to share this knowledge across the school with both staff and pupils. The school has seen pupils progress as they move through the years and are extremely pleased with the development of the children as well as their own professional development, allowing them to broaden the scope of their teaching.


“Our ICT leader is using an action research approach to measure the impact IPads have on teaching and learning. Sharon is a great point of contact for the development of her leadership role and has been really effective passing on her knowledge in the most user-friendly way”. 

Vicky Colley, Headteacher


Sharon has also worked with the school to improve the setup of their iPad devices, and recommending what apps to use. The school has vastly improved its use of technology which has been boosted by Sharon’s involvement and devices like iPads and laptops are used daily in school.

When Vicky arrived at the school it was assessed as being satisfactory and after being in charge for 18 months the school was rated by Ofsted as good in all areas, which has been a great achievement, but everyone at the school is now working towards being outstanding.

Because of this desire to keep improving the school continues to work with Sharon, who can see the school’s current position and help them work out a plan to take them to the next level to improve results throughout the school.

Benefits to the school 

  • Bespoke consultancy service tailored to school requirements
  • Experience and expertise for supporting the curriculum
  • Work together to develop strategy for addressing the new computing curriculum
  • Professional development for staff
  • Dedicated support for senior staff and ICT Leader
  • Delivering workshops for engagement of parents
  • Provide high quality information and resources for use in the classroom
  • Positive impact on the school

Success story

Perry Beeches Infant School has valued the consultancy support from Link2ICT, and feels it has made a significant difference to their achievements. Bringing Sharon in for a series of days over a three month period has given the school the confidence to take on the new computing curriculum and look at their ICT provision with a greater impetus and buy-in from staff to drive the school further forward.


Vicky is extremely pleased with the consultancy expertise Sharon has brought to the school and would highly recommend Link2ICT’s consultancy service.  



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